Why Cobalt

Why Cobalt

There are dozens of reasons why private jet travel makes sense—all that matters to us is what matters to you. Here’s a look at the different types of clients we serve, and why a private jet charter with Cobalt Jets makes sense.

Executive & Team Travel

From corporate roadshows to plant visits, executives and teams find private jet travel to be time efficient and cost-effective. Many apply the same ROI principals they use in evaluating deals and find the time saved, the ease of going to and from certain locales, and productivity gains in-flight (from phone to team meetings) is tough to beat. Whatever your itinerary or travel mandate, private jet travel provides greater productivity and control of your time on the ground—and of course, in the air.

Speaker & Entertainment Engagements

For those juggling schedules and details for best-selling authors, standing-room only entertainers (and all those in between), private air travel is often a part of your client’s contract terms. That means finding a trusted and discrete travel partner is a must. Trial and error is out of the question—everyone involved needs the assurance of on-time arrival and departure, and smooth, trouble-free trip. With our fleet size, dedicated pilot team and superior service, Cobalt Jets is at the ready.

Vacation Travel

Juggling schedules, bags, security lines, temperaments (and the occasional tantrums) are often part of leisure travel. Finding a way to eliminate the harried moments and enjoy a hassle-free experience means more pleasure. For an unsurpassed flight experience for a solo flyer or groups up to eight passengers (especially those flying from or to the Tri-State area), Cobalt Jets should be your first call.

Wheels Up

Precision planning and flawless execution are a key part of every successful trip, whether business or pleasure. From securing your flight to ensuring a safe, on-time arrival, you can trust Cobalt Jets as your travel partner.

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