Our Fleet

Our Fleet

2008 Cessna CJ1+ (N324BD)

Cessna CJ1+
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Typical Cruise Speed: 385 Knots (445 MPH)
Max # Passengers: 6 (5 excluding potty seat)
Range: 1300 Nautical Miles (1475 Statute Miles)*
Cabin Height: 57 inches
Cabin Width: 58 inches
Baggage Capacity: 45 Cu. Ft., 725 lbs.
Max Cruise Altitude: 41,000 feet
Charter Price: Approx. $2200 per Flight Hour

Flight Perks

  • Airshow map and flight information screen in passenger cabin
  • Satellite phone usage at cost
  • 115 Volt outlets in cabin for phone, tablet and laptop charging in flight
  • Separate lavatory with full privacy curtain
  • Easy to control lighting and window shades
  • Light snacks, beverages and ice box
  • Forward and aft capacious baggage compartments, including aft ski option

* Aircraft Range: Assumes zero wind, NBAA fuel reserves, maximum fuel, high speed cruise; stated ranges are under ideal conditions. Typically, wind, passenger and baggage loading, and destination weather will decrease range, though eastbound flights may benefit from tailwinds.

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