About Us

About Us

The Cobalt Jets team delivers the safety, comfort, and discretion we expect as discerning and demanding travelers. We’ve brought together the best from decades of experience as aircraft owners, trained and experienced pilots, business leaders and private jet travelers—and are delivering that to you.

Cobalt Jets operates its own fleet of aircraft. Some might perceive ownership as a limitation; we view it as a distinct and important point of difference that allows Cobalt to deliver a level of control few other private aviation companies can match. From the rigorous pilot training to the exacting detail we bring to the operation, care and maintenance of on-board avionics and the entire aircraft, Cobalt Jets stands for excellence.

We have a dedicated team of pilots and flight personnel who provide our clients with added comfort and trust that comes with continuity. For long journeys or short, it’s part of the Cobalt experience that is hard to quantify—but one that surely provides a meaningful difference.

Our goal is to deliver the ultimate travel experience to a select few. It’s an operating philosophy that shines in a mix of areas (think Four Season’s or Nordstrom); it’s one many who travel for work or pleasure crave, yet few have found. Cobalt Jets is the place to start.

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