Private jet travel with Cobalt Jets is a different kind of experience. A key point of distinction is that we own our fleet, allowing us total oversight of maintenance, service and schedules. That means every member of our team and every moment of your journey is focused on your safety, on your comfort—on you.

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At every turn, your safety is our greatest concern. It begins with the selection of our jets—rated the safest jets in the industry—and continues with every aspect of your flight, from your flight preferences, training of our pilots and crew and maintenance of the fleet. It’s the way we fly—and you should, too. Our fleet includes two of top-rated jets in the air—owned and operated exclusively by Cobalt Jets. Chosen for their top safety and reliability rating (as well as fuel efficiency and high comfort marks), our aircraft are under our stringent control 365/24x7.

The Cessna CJ1+

Cessna CJ1+

Typical Cruise Speed: 385 Knots (445 MPH)
Max # Passengers: 6
Range: 1300 Nautical Miles (1475 Statute Miles) *
Cabin Height: 57 inches
Cabin Width: 58 inches
Baggage Capacity: 45 Cu. Ft., 725 lbs.
Max Cruise Altitude: 41,000 feet
Charter Price: Approx. $2500 per Flight Hour

The Cessna Citation Excel

Cessna Citation Excel

Typical Cruise Speed: 425 Knots (490 MPH)
Max # Passengers: 9
Range: 1836 Nautical Miles (2086 Statute Miles) *
Cabin Height: 68 inches
Cabin Width: 66 inches
Baggage Capacity: 90 Cu. Ft., 784 lbs.
Max Cruise Altitude: 45,000 feet
Charter Price: Approx. $3500 per Flight Hour

About Cobalt Jets

At Cobalt Jets, we start with a basic premise: How can we provide a travel experience that exceeds all your expectations. Because we own our fleet, we’re able to take full control of the care and maintenance of the aircraft, as well as pilot and crew training that exceeds FAA standards. Learn more and discover how travel with Cobalt Jets adds up to an unmatched flying experience.

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Interested in receiving a quote or learning more about the Cobalt Jets experience? Please contact us—we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

PHONE: (201) 255-7885

Member of NBAA Argus Gold Rating

* Range: Assumes zero wind, NBAA fuel reserves, maximum fuel, high speed cruise; stated ranges are under ideal conditions. Typically, wind, passenger and baggage loading, and destination weather will decrease range, though eastbound flights may benefit from tailwinds.