Private jet travel with Cobalt Jets is a unique experience. A key point of distinction is that our family of companies owns our fleet, allowing us total oversight of maintenance, service and schedules. That means every member of our team and every moment of your journey is focused on your safety, on your comfort—on you.

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At Cobalt Jets, we start with a basic premise: How can we provide a travel experience that exceeds all your expectations. Because we own our fleet, we’re able to take full control of the care and maintenance of the aircraft, as well as pilot and crew training—that exceeds FAA standards. Learn more and discover how travel with Cobalt Jets adds up to an unmatched flying experience.

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Round Trip Prices Starting At

Departure Destination Aircraft Price *
Philadelphia (PNE) Chicago (MDW) CJ1+ $8,900
Philadelphia (PNE) Atlanta (PDK) CJ1+ $8,600
Philadelphia (PNE) Orlando (MCO) CJ1+ $10,100
Philadelphia (PNE) Boston (BED) CJ1+ $6,000

(*) Prices are approximations only and reflective of a same-day round trip during non-peak travel periods. Please contact Cobalt Jets for a firm quote on your trip. Variations in trip duration, fuel prices and other factors will affect pricing.